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In 2008, a prank call to a radio show (D Mudd and O Face) spawned an idea:


Be the greatest fake rapper ever known!


Long before the soaring heights of Lonely Island, Bankable was forging his way to an illustrious career as a skilled lyricist. Mixing and producing the freshest beats with the help of Garageband on his Mac, his career came to a standstill when life took him out to pasture.


What is left of this lyrical genious? The freshest 5 song E.P. to come out of the fake rap world since... well... let's just say its fresh.


Entitled Smash and Grab, this E.P. delivers the break out hit "Got That" (featured on D Mudd and O Face for at least a couple weeks). As well as the Bond Villain themed "Villainous", and personal favorite of many friends (who didn't want to hurt his feelings), "I Don't Give a F*ck". 


Have a listen... "It's about to pop off!"

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